Women in Science: Interview


Karen McCusker, Associate Director in Marketing at Simbec-Orion, speaks to Dr Debra Davies and Romillie Cruz at Simbec-Orion on their experience of being women in science. I’m not sure where my interest in medicine came from or when it started. I often wonder if it was something to do with being diagnosed with asthma as […]

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What Are the Three Stages Of Clinical Trials?


Clinical trials involve a series of studies that test the safety and effectiveness of drugs and other medical treatments. To ensure research is carried out thoroughly and safely, there are several different stages of clinical trials. In order to make sure the treatment is safe and effective for use in patients, it must successfully pass […]

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Types Of Signal In Pharmacovigilance


Pharmacovigilance is concerned with detecting the possible risks associated with a drug or treatment. Risks are monitored and assessed throughout the development and post-market phase. The aim of this is to determine the safety profile of the drug, identifying any potential adverse reactions and side effects that the drug may cause. Additionally, any beneficial reactions […]

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What’s the difference between Phase 2 and Phase 3 Clinical Trials?


In previous years, pharmacology and clinical trials were topics which mainly interested medical professionals, rather than the public. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing interest in clinical trials, alongside the development of the vaccine. As a global community, we have been  able to see the development, testing, and […]

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What is Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics?


Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics is the science of medicines and how they are used to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and disorders in humans. Clinical pharmacologists are experts in various aspects of medicinal treatment. They are able to determine the best medicine and dosage for an individual, based on a number of factors. They take […]

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Rare Diseases: Everything you need to know


In the UK alone, it’s estimated that around 3 million people are living with a rare disease or condition. The effects of these diseases can be wide-ranging and unique, meaning that many of these 3 million people will face challenges the majority of the population are likely never to experience.  There are some conditions where […]

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Lending a Hand to Support Rare Disease Day


As a CRO focusing on rare disease, we are delighted to support EURODIS’s 12th international Rare Disease Day. Taking inspiration from the official campaign suggestion of recreating the Rare Disease Day logo, our staff enthusiastically joined in to produce two canvases made from hundreds of individual handprints. The final recreation of the logo on one of […]

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