Utilising Simple PlexTM technology, the EllaTM analyser from ProteinSimple® provides Simbec-Orion clients with access to an extensive library of key immunoassays to support the measurement of both the immunogenic potential and clearance data of a therapeutic candidate in a range of matrices. Using this technology enables measurement with greater sensitivity, wider dynamic detection ranges and, thanks to the lack of antibody cross-reactivity in multianalyte assays, increased accuracy of simultaneously performed assays.

Whether you require support with relevant markers to advance your drug development research, or data for clinical trials to determine dosing schedules and safety information, Simbec-Orion offers a combination of customisable assay library, with a high throughput, fully integrated and automated process. This ensures cost-effective, versatile, biomarker analysis for your clinical development programme.

The bioanalytical support for your study will be directly managed by a highly experienced Principal Scientist who is dedicated to your program and who has an in-depth understanding of current regulatory guidance documents. They will liaise with your clinical, pharmacokinetic, or bioanalytical teams, overseeing all aspects of your study from development, validation to study analysis, providing you with consistency throughout your program.


Utilising a Virtual Central Laboratory Approach to Balance the Delivery, Budget & Risk for Clinical Trials

Decentralisation has been one of the biggest outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. The speed and degree to which traditional healthcare providers were overwhelmed by the sudden influx of critically ill patients, and the disruption to even local travel, meant that if clinical trials were to continue, they had to adapt, and fast.

Access this webinar to learn how, by decentralising the central laboratory testing for late phase I or phase II clinical trials, milestones can be kept on track and cost-effectiveness of the study improved

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The people working at Simbec Orion are dedicated, very professional and they cover all aspects of clinical research. A team will be set up for your project, who will have a strong focus on your study in a very open minded and friendly atmosphere. The studies I have outsourced to Simbec Orion, have been successfully managed and performed. I will use Simbec Orion in the future and I can strongly recommend them to other pharmaceutical companies.

Tina Lidén Mascher, Head of Clinical Operations

Klaria AB

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