Clinical Trial Publications

KVD900, an oral on-demand treatment for hereditary angioedema: Phase 1 study results


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Bexmarilimab, a novel macrophage re-programmer shows promising anti-tumour activity in phase I/II trial in several last line solid tumour types


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KalVista Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results for KVD900 Phase 2 Demonstrating Statistically and Clinically Significant Responses Across All Endpoints as an Oral On-Demand Treatment for HAE Attacks


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A phase I/II MATINS trial: Part 1 pharmacokinetic, safety and efficacy results of Clever-1 blockade in advanced cancer


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Immune activation in first-in-human anti-macrophage antibody (anti-Clever-1 mAb; FP-1305) phase I/II MATINS trial: Part I dose-escalation, safety, and efficacy results.


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Impact of the Selective Orexin‐1 Receptor Antagonist ACT‐539313 on the Pharmacokinetics of the CYP3A Probe Drug Midazolam in Healthy Male Subjects


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