Can early utilisation of AI-enabled causal modelling de-risk and accelerate clinical development?


Can early utilisation of AI de-risk and accelerate clinical development for drug developers? Recent announcements suggest large pharma companies are betting big on AI. AstraZeneca recently announced a $247 million deal with an AI vendor to support identifying new oncology drug candidates[1]. Sanofi has announced a collaboration with two separate AI vendors, worth up to […]

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Outsourcing Clinical Trials: Key Considerations for Sponsors


Outsourcing is common practice in clinical trials; as the global clinical research market becomes ever more competitive, small to mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies must rely on the expertise, services and facilities of specialist clinical research organisations (CROs) and functional service providers (FSPs) to support their clinical development programs. By partnering with outside expertise, smaller […]

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Common challenges in bioanalytical method development


The development of bioanalytical methods and subsequent quantification of analytes in a range of biological matrices is fundamental to the drug discovery and development process. Having a reliable and robust methodology, for all target species, including human, plays a key role in understanding how investigational drugs are metabolised following administration.  By accurately evaluating both the […]

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Clinical Considerations for First-in-Human (FIH) and Early Phase Clinical Trials


You are coming close to having completed your nonclinical studies and you are beginning to think about your next steps.  But exactly what are those?  Chances are you are moving into unknown territory with your asset, and you may even have a crucial milestone to consider.  How do you navigate your way through the regulatory […]

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Project Management for Clinical Trials


The world of medical research and development is constantly advancing, and clinical trials play a crucial role in bringing new treatments and cures to patients. However, conducting a successful clinical trial is a complex and expensive undertaking with the average cost of bringing a drug to market being around $2.3B. Clinical trials require precise planning, […]

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Nonclinical development strategies to optimise your clinical development programme


Being first to market with an innovator drug remains the ultimate goal for all, and most organisations are constantly reviewing timelines in order to achieve efficiencies through trial design, conduct and the reduction of downtime between phases of drug development. But clinical trials and drug development is an expensive and slow process, representing approximately 60% […]

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Patient recruitment strategies for rare disease trials


One of the key challenges facing researchers working on treatments for rare diseases is recruitment for clinical trials. Because these diseases are relatively uncommon, it can be difficult to find enough patients to participate in studies and help advance treatment options. Additionally, there is often a lack of awareness for the condition, making it difficult […]

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