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Simbec-Orion is a full service clinical research organisation (CRO) with over 45 years experience delivering bioanalytical laboratory services. Whether it’s a stand-alone bioanalysis service to support your research, or part of a fully integrated clinical development project, you can rely on our experienced, accurate and robust bioanalytical testing and validation.

We have the resources, expertise and technology to handle the most complex study programmes – with specialisation in oncology and rare disease therapeutic areas.

What’s Included in Our Bioanalytical

Laboratory Services?

Robust and reliable assays

We provide assays that are highly-sensitive, reliable and accurate. Our sample evaluation and analysis is done from purpose-built labs, handling complex sample and kit shipping networks across the globe.

Bioanalytical lab services include:

  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) assays
  • Haematology & coagulation
  • Biomarker assays
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Bioequivalence studies, PK/PD parameter assays
  • Bioavailability assays
  • Drug-Drug interaction studies (using LC-MS/MS)
  • Biochemistry, including urinalysis
  • COVID-19 Screening

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Fully integrated bioanalysis

Our bioanalytical laboratory services are available stand-alone, or integrated into a full clinical trial management service with Simbec-Orion.

Whether we’re running your clinical trial or not, our logistics ensure that the bioanalysis fits smoothly into your research and is fully integrated into your project.

We can work in collaboration with other laboratories to manage a sample inventory and offer continuous monitoring of logistics, with sample traceability and shipment visibility throughout. From end-to-end, the process is transparent.

The full sample lifestyle process is managed through our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Clinaxys™. It ensures a smooth process, minimising human-error for reliable logistics.

We can also transfer methodologies from other laboratories if required.

Find out more about our general central lab services.

Operational excellence from a full-service CRO

Simbec-Orion is a full service CRO, providing a range of clinical development services from bioanalytical laboratories through to full pharmacology studies. We’re experienced with regulation compliance, and meeting a wide range of international standards and guidelines for each of our offerings, including bioanalytical services.

Each Principal Scientist responsible for managing your study has an in-depth understanding of current regulatory guidance documents. We also comply with GLP and GCLP regulations to provide you with operational excellence.

We know that expectations for bioanalytical data sets are often evolving, making it hard to feel confident in your study’s compliance. Our expert understanding helps to foresee and overcome potential obstacles in getting your study approved by regulatory authorities. With Simbec-Orion, you can be confident in your results.

Deep insight, reliable data

Whatever lab data you need to support your clinical trial, we can provide it. With state of the art equipment and methodology continually evolving with current best practice, our bioanalytical laboratory services are robust and reliable.

At Simbec-Orion, each client gets a customised solution. We discuss your requirements and provide a bespoke bioanalytical service best suited to your clinical development needs.

What our
Clients Say About Us

Simbec-Orion was able to complete a European phase 2a study in record time, thanks to efficient study management and a great commitment from everyone within the organization.

Paul Gineste, VP Clinical Operations,


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