Clinical Pharmacology Services

Operating from a purpose-built facility in South Wales, UK, our team of highly-qualified, dedicated clinical pharmacology staff play a huge part in our success. Our clinical pharmacology services focus on the development of safe and effective use of medicine, investigating the interaction of drugs with the human body.

Led by scientific knowledge and stewarded by Principal Investigators who have devoted their research careers to clinical pharmacology, you can be sure your study is in safe hands and will be delivered on time.

Full-Service Clinical Pharmacology Unit

Our facility is designed to provide a seamless flow of clinical pharmacology services across the unit, from volunteer and patient recruitment to screening, clinical conduct, and on-site laboratories. Having everything in one place ensures an operational excellence that delivers results.

Ensuring Quality and Reducing Risk

Simbec-Orion is part of the MHRA Phase I Accreditation Scheme, and has carried out over 2000 clinical pharmacology trials, with all drug types, over more than 45 years. Our extensive experience with the MHRA, EMA and FDA will add valuable insight to your clinical development plans.

We have significant experience in First-in-Human trials with a strong focus on participant safety, risk management and adding maximum value to your protocol through adaptive trial design.

Our pharmacology and medical teams will use their knowledge and expertise to advise on enhancements to your protocol development and study design approach. Our specialist advice will ensure quality is built in from the outset to enable efficient delivery of your early phase results.

Meeting milestones

You need to meet your milestones to maintain investor confidence, and secure additional funding for your clinical development. We keep that top of our mind too.

Experienced leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, we ensure that our project timelines are competitive and resources are flexible. Our flexible approach allows project managers to troubleshoot face-to-face with the entire clinical study team. In doing so, we shorten timelines and remove bottlenecks, so your clinical pharmacology project can be a success.

Customised clinical pharmacology services

The skills and depth of expertise amongst our team allows us to deliver customised clinical pharmacology solutions. Each of our clients can expect a personalised, bespoke service most suited to the needs of their development program.

We would be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

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Providing value

Combination and adaptive protocols add value to your clinical development. We have worked with clients through SAD, MAD, Food Effect studies and cohorts of patients.

Our pharmacology clinicians have designed and conducted studies in special populations and moved from healthy volunteer cohorts in our Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Unit, to patient cohorts conducted in sites across Europe. All under one protocol.

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"The project manager was incredibly bright, smart, and talented. She was proactive and always one step ahead. I would not hesitate to work with Simbec-Orion again."

Alison Bracchi, Zarodex