ESMO Update: State of the Art in Early Phase Oncology Trial Design

The science looks promising and you have secured vital funding to take your compound to the clinical stage. What is the best strategy for operationalizing your oncology study in a clinical setting to meet your business objectives?

Aimed at small and mid-size companies with oncology assets, this 1-hour webinar will present the theory behind Phase I oncology studies, as well as the practical and logistical challenges, when taking your compound into the clinic.

Join Dr. Alain Thibault and Dr. Ahmad Awada as they provide insights from key ESMO 2018 presentations likely to influence the future of early phase oncology drug development.

The webinar will be split into four parts, including:

  1. An introduction into how Phase I studies have evolved to meet development objectives
  2. A discussion of where Phase I design is heading, with a look at whether 3+3 is still the gold standard and what could replace it
  3. The importance of pre-feasibility consultation with specialist oncology sites
  4. A live Q&A with expert speakers