How to Take an Oncology Drug into the Clinic

How to Take an Oncology Drug into the Clinic

The discovery path for new oncology therapeutics is time-consuming and expensive, with figures of around 12 years and between $314M to $2.8B being shared (1).  The clinical line-of-sight essential for delivering a successful therapeutic programme is often considered late in the drug discovery process. This can contribute to the notoriously high attrition rates of drugs developed for the oncology market. How can you give your asset the best chance of clearing the hurdles to market?

In this webinar you will learn from an industry thought leader, Oxford University’s Professor Sarah Blagden, Professor of Medical Oncology, Director of the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO), and lead for Oxford Early Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC), who will share tips for clinical positioning of novel anticancer compounds in the UK.

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Please also watch out for part 2 of this presentation when Simbec-Orion’s Senior Medical Director, Dr Romillie Cruz puts questions to Professor Blagden on the topic of trial design for oncology therapeutics.

1Wouters  OJ, McKee  M, Luyten  J.  Estimated research and development investment needed to bring a new medicine to market, 2009-2018.  JAMA. 2020;323(9):844-853 Accessed February 21, 2023