Clinical development

Reducing risk

Vaccines, new chemical entities (NCEs), small molecules, biologics, gene therapy. Our experience spans all product types and we understand clinical development in challenging therapy areas. By putting patients first, we reduce the risk of recruitment, retention and mitigate delays with regulatory authorities.

Working with unique challenges

We’ve encountered many unique challenges that hinder complex hospital-based studies, including rare diseases and oncology trials. But as a full-service CRO of our size, we’re ideally placed to meet them head-on. From maximising site selection to forming close links with patient advocacy groups, and enrolling patients, we overcome hurdles to help medicines to market.

Operational excellence that drives results

We’re a low hierarchy operation and we believe in getting the job done, efficiently and with transparency. Your dedicated project manager will drive the project from start to finish, with access to the senior management team for face to face troubleshooting.

Our CRAs are decentralised, meaning that they are located close to clinical sites, enabling them to facilitate close communication which drives patient enrolment and site management.

With strong governance and project escalation communication plans in place from day one, we mitigate risk and work around any obstacles that may arise. We understand that complex studies evolve and may require a change in scale or flexibility. Our team is responsive when your study needs it.

Meeting milestones

Our business is designed for small to medium drug developers.  We understand the importance of meeting milestones to secure investor confidence – and additional funding for clinical development. Our agile set-up means we can flex resources to shorten timelines and remove bottlenecks. So you can provide data to support your major milestones.

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Fabrice Chartier, CEO

Discover how our team can work with you to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging clinical trials, in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

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“Simbec-Orion was able to complete a European phase 2a study in record time, thanks to efficient study management and a great commitment from everyone within the organization. “

Paul Gineste, Abivax