Agility In Rare Diseases & Oncology Clinical Trials - Data Management

Agility In Rare Diseases & Oncology Clinical Trials - Data Management

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Modular and adaptive clinical trials are rapidly expanding the ability of researchers to modify clinical trials based on emerging data, i.e. to make better decisions based on positive clinical response. This is a flexible process which provides data on the smallest number of patients so that drug developers can pre-plan alternative paths for the trial during the design stage.

Join this webinar to review strategies for data management in modular and adaptive clinical trials.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how to reduce study build times by up to 30 percent, reducing cost while increasing quality, achieving clinical site set-up faster
  • Learn how a cloud platform enables mid-study changes without the need to migrate data  reducing risk and impact on trial success, trial teams, and trial execution
  • Gain insight on how adaptive, lean and flexible operational conduct from a CRO study team enables adaptive data management
  • Review timelines and flexible build process to include challenges experienced and ways to mitigate those challenges
  • Understand how to execute oversight requirements under GCP E2 R2 using online tools

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